PTP.012: Intentional Powerful Relationships with Cliff Ravenscraft

Dr. Brad Miller talks intentional powerful relationships to build a mindset for success with Cliff Ravenscraft in Episode 012 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast. Cliff is a successful coach and product developer in helping people create and grow successful online businesses and is known as the “Podcast Answer Man” to many.

Success didn’t come easy for Cliff and he tells Dr. Brad about how he made a difficult transition employee to business owner. For Cliff, this transition centered on a change in mindset and the most important factor in his change of mindset was intentionally creating powerful relationships with people more successful than him in business.

Cliff outlines how he intentionally recruited 12 successful business leaders and who guided, corrected and directed him in the initial stages of building his business.

Cliff assures Brad that the essential element to overcoming obstacles in business is powerful relationships.

People struggling to overcome the myriad of problems associated with starting a business, particularly those transitioning from being an employee, will recognize the power of Cliff Ravenscraft words of encouragement in Episode 012 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller.

The mission of The Pathway to Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is to provide a guide and resource for people to overcome adversity in their lives to discover a new pathway to discover their God-given promise of a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller
April 4, 2018

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