PTP.016: Kate Erickson “Making Space to Create the Life You Always Wanted”

In episode 016 of the Pathway to Promise podcast  Dr. Brad Miller talks with Kate Erickson implementer of awesome ideas at “Entrepreneur on Fire,”  a very successful podcasting marketing and training company.

On a path to becoming a college professor, Kate made a shift to become an entrepreneur working with John Lee Dumas at where she develops systems and processes to support the vision of the company to inspire, train and provide resources for the entrepreneurial community, particularly those involved in the medium of podcasting.

Kate talks to Dr. Brad about creating a mindset for success which overcomes adversity and self-doubt which challenged her self-confidence.    She goes into some detail about how she moved outside her personal comfort zone to create space in her life which gives her the wherewithal to create the life she always wanted.  She now shares her knowledge with others with a number of products through and her own podcast “Kates Take”

Kate mentions working with mentors and influencers to guide her along her pathway to entrepreneurship.   None of these more important than the advice her own father gave her to “trust her gut” when he came to taking the bold action of leaving her corporate career and embarking on her entrepreneurial adventure.

Kate also tells Dr. read about the importance of journaling, meditation, yoga  and quiet times  unplugged from technology to help her re-energize, reorganize and gain margin every day as an important discipline necessary to fuel her business success. She goes on to detail such discipline practices as working in 25 minutes focused time to work sessions as an integral component to tremendous productivity.

Kate states that her purpose in life is helping others understand that they have a choice to make in their life to create the margin that they need to live the life that they always dreamed.

Episode 016 of the Pathway to Promise podcast with Kate Erickson will give you practical insight and inspiration for the person who feels a longing for in a calling to breaking away from a life of mediocrity to living there best life right now.

The purpose of the Pathway to Promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is to provide inspiration, training and a guide helping people to overcome adversity in their life and claim their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

May 2018

Entrepreneur on Fire

Kate’s Take

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