PTP.034: Don’t Die Until you Sing Your Song and Eat a Donut

Don’t Die Until you Sing Your Song and Eat a Donut.

Dr. Brad Miller reboots the Pathway to Promise Podcast by restating the purpose of the podcast and making commitments to the listeners. Dr. Brad describes the process of transformation that can take place over a 40 day period using the metaphor of the 40 Days of Lent as indicative of the journey of life change any persona can take.

Dr. Brad makes commitments and promises to the audience to serve them through learning through the process of his own life transformation.   So over the 40 Days of Lent of 2019, Dr. Brad made the following promises.

  • To write 500 words a day in journaling or blogging
  • To read a chapter a day of good books and the bible
  • To lose 10 pounds through fasting and exercise
  • To add value to the audience six days a week through podcasts and blog posts featuring his teaching and interviewing guests.

Dr. Brad offered the opportunity for listeners to connect with the launch team in preparation of the launch of his book The Promise Given Life: 40 Day Way to Discover Your Life of Peace Prosperity and Purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

March 6, 2019




The Four Minute Life Planning Guide

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The Four Minute Life Planning Guide

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