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PTP.080: “Your Divine Human Blueprint” – Julie Renee Doering

Julie Renee Doering the author of “Your Divine Human Blueprint” is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest interview on Episode 080 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast.


Julie Renee Doering is the number one brain rejuvenation

expert. She has mapped out the human blueprint and how to

work in the quantum field for both clearing and cell regeneration

in her groundbreaking book Your Divine Human Blueprint.

She has added words to our vocabulary with her quantum

technique for regeneration: cellular neogenesis, and for her

medically documented: DNA obliteration for removing harmful

DNA. She is the mentor to the mentors and works with folks like

Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, actress Barbara Niven and a host

of other celebrities.


She trains students in her original quantum activation training

reaching into 81 countries with the miracle of live stream



Her journey to becoming a breakthrough leader in her field was

not an easy one. It was driven by her own passion to heal. Julie

Renee left behind the worst of health challenges imaginable, having survived the atomic bomb testing as a

child, overcoming multiple cancers, life in a wheelchair and even death itself.

She has leveraged her experience of overcoming severe health and business challenges into a winning

formula for creating powerful systems for others to return to 100% health, wealth and love. Her “brain-based

method” of regeneration and the innovative ‘lead from the inside out’ programs for leaders, shines a light of

hope for those who find themselves exhausted and fuzzy brained from over striving. Julie Renee helps these

people get back to their most optimum life.


Recognized for global leadership by Powerful Women International and Woman of the Year by the National

Association of Professional Women, Julie Renee is a go-to speaker and award-winning author of 12 books.

She has shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, James Malinchak, Barbara Niven, Stedman Grahm,

Jason Alexander and many more. Her books include “100% You,” “Your Divine Human Blueprint” and

“Balance Your Life Now!” Julie Renee’s Quantum Activation’s Academy is a wonderful place to learn about

the divine-human blueprint, cell regeneration and clearing interference of all kinds. Classes range for a couple of

hours to several years. Quantum Activation Trailblazer Apprentice Mastery Level, Foundational Apprentice,

Year of Miracles full-body regeneration program, Growing Together full self-expression year-long program,

Miraculous Transformation One to One program working directly with Julie Renee. She has more than 150

training and 187 transformative meditations.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast is published by Dr. Brad Miller, DMin with the mission of helping people overcome debilitating adversity in life and put them on the pathway to their God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.  Dr. Brad’s blog and podcast are found at and

Dr. Brad Miller

August 2019

Julie Renee Doering: The Quiet Mind Meditation

Healing Testimonial Video of Carolyn Stevens

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Brad Miller 8:10
Dr. Brad Miller back with you on the pathway to promise podcast where we are all about helping you overcome adversity in your life to achieve your promise, life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. And we do that in all kinds of ways by teaching and leading and talking to great people who have transformed their lives in some way. And today we have a an author of who is with us who has she has had an incredible life transformation, she has a fascinating story to tell about her own transformation. And she is then involved with various things about the human potential and about you healing your brain in order to have transformation. Her name is Julie Renee, during She is the author of your divine human blueprint. She's a speaker, a best selling author and master health activator. She mentors individuals who refuse to play small, but are being held back by exhaustion at a fuzzy brain. She's overcome her own health challenges, and is now here to help you today as we have as our guest, Julie Renee Doering. Thank you, Julie.

Julie Renee Doering 9:15
You're welcome. It's great to be here, Brad.

Brad Miller 9:18
We call you, Jules and our conversation together. And I've been looking at your book here and learn the learning more about what you're involved with the healing the wholeness that you teach comes out of your own life experience. And where you've had to overcome some really difficult circumstances would you just share with us about your story about what happened in your life? And what got you to where you're at today? And then what's your work involved with now?

Julie Renee Doering 9:40
Yes, I literally survived the atomic bomb testing in the Nevada desert. We were on vacation of family vacation when they were doing underground bomb testing. I had exposure to the bomb and or the radiation poisoning, I had to 17 surgeries, multiple cancers. I died twice, was in a wheelchair, told I would never walk without unbearable pain and canes. And then I would end up eventually, bed bound and die of this illness. And over a period of time, have a deal a great deal of suffering. I had a moment of really realization, I said, God, you promised me the Garden of Eden and I'm living in hell on earth. And I went to my garden and in prayer and meditation singing, I sang for several hours, and I meditated and discovered, I really felt like the presence of God with me discovered how the body regenerates. At the time, I didn't know exactly what I was discovering, but it was pretty amazing. I was watching a master cell in my mind's eye. So in my inner vision, I was watching a map Supercell cells that are with us seven days after were conceived, going from very, very sick, a dying cell, like a dying stem cell to its God state. And I had no idea that that could happen. But it became this pulsing blue orb. And it was so overwhelming. I was actually crying, I was watching what it felt like I was watching the face of God, it was something so magnificent. And my body began to regenerate in a way that I didn't know was possible. And at that time in the garden, I was in a lot of pain. And I was walking with two canes. And within six months, I was running on a mountain trail 30 miles a week. And I was dancing on stage with a rock and roll band just six months later. So my body had made this incredible turnaround just like unbelievable. And the doctors and scientists were looking at me going, what are you doing? How can this be happening? Within a year I was looking 20 years younger. So you know, when you're in a lot of pain and suffering you You look exhausted? people were asking me they were saying You look like you could be your daughter?

Brad Miller 12:12
Well, yeah, guess what, that's an amazing story in of itself. And this was about how long ago you said during the nuclear testing and best?

Julie Renee Doering 12:19
Well, the testing the bomb testing, actually, people don't realize this, it went on from 46 to 76. I was 12 years old. I'm 62. Now, so was 50 years ago. So

Brad Miller 12:28
you've had this dramatic thing happened in your life. And now you've led you to a life where you not only had this personal experience of this healing and wholeness through this experience that you had, you're now involved with researching and teaching and various forms where you're expressing this to other people. And so share a little bit about what well the title of your book is your divine human blue blueprint. And so I just want to ask you a kind of real basic question. It kind of goes live what your story You already said, If divine human blueprint what what do you think makes us human.

Julie Renee Doering 13:03
And then I'm going to look at it from my we all come from this beautiful God cloud that the Divine Mother, Father God came from God came from Father God, however you view God, angels came from that God cloud, and we as spirits came from that God cloud, so we are all part of that essential, our essential nature is divine. So we have spirit, and body and we are incarnated or embodied in a body, I believe that to have a beautiful human experience is to live faithfully and with great love and compassion. But I also believe that this is a place of learning and experiments. And we have our challenges our ups and downs. That that's part of being human is to part of being human is making mistakes and learning and growing from whatever we're taking on in this body in this life.

Brad Miller 14:03
And then so you've made it your your life to study what it means to be human and to reach your potential and to have your what you call quantum energy, how you believe you can regenerate things and your stem cells, and have energy, momentum, clarity, focus, all these good things that you say in your book. So tell me a little bit about what you've learned about this process that you've described, what you kind of defined is, is what it means to be totally human. What do you learn about what is the actual reality for a lot of folks who somehow had their life somehow gone off track what it means to be divine human experience? So they're, they've been blocked, or they've been hit? Or they've been some adversity has put them off? have hurt them? Show them in what you've learned about humanity?

Julie Renee Doering 14:51
You know, I think this question really goes to, when we have a big a challenge, we want to make a spiritual leap. That's why we've created the challenge, because I believe that we create all the challenges, maybe we've created, we created them before we enter the body, so that we can learn and grow and become more of who we are meant to be. And when you're faced with a challenge, that it's going to be do you have for me, my faith pulled me through some I built my belief in God, my belief in a loving God pulled me through, over and over again, I know when I died the first time and I was looking at my body on the floor, and I was up at the ceiling as a spirit and I was looking down, I was like, God, I'm not ready to go, and I'm willing to go through whatever I have to go through to keep this body going. I was 24 the first time I died. And I think, you know, sometimes people are depressed, and they're willing to let go, or they're willing to believe what Western medicine or their doctors are telling them. And sometimes I think that the greater mission is to hold on to the body, even if a sick if it's a sick body, hold on and see if you can make that transformation for yourself and grow into the next level I had. Back then I had a 24, I had three small children that I had lost custody of we were going through a divorce. And then they decided I was too sick, to give me any part of custody. So having an alcoholic ex husband meant I really lost those children. And I moved into a life of fighting for my life for 20 years. And I feel like I grew in leaps and bounds. And when I really made my transformation is when I started saying no matter what, like no matter what, no more drama in my life, no matter what I am going to get better. Like I have this little affirmation I've been doing for years, every day in every way, I'm getting better and better. And I started noticing what fueled transformation, love and gratitude and appreciation fueled my transformation like I was getting better stop talking about any assignment of blame, have somebody hurt me or somebody did this or somebody was at fault, and started just trusting in being grateful for everything, I do have a diminishing anything that didn't work out, like making it very small, and almost non existent. And as we grow in our challenges, I think that's the idea. We don't want to get stuck in our challenges.

Brad Miller 17:47
Yeah, what I'm hearing you say, Renee, is that you took some bold actions yourself. And that's part of what you teach. Now, one of them, I'm hearing you say is to live a life of gratitude, to have to have affirmations, South Africa formations and affirmations of the quality of your life to take 100% responsibility for your life. Because so many of us gets stuck doorway. And if you seemed like you had to lease the the opportunity or the danger with divorce and health issues and custody and all that really challenging stuff that you could have been stuck like many people are or just that would be at the end of it, you know, right there. But you chose to be very intentional about moving through those things. And that's what I enjoy hearing about and how that can relate to our listeners here and to your readers, you mentioned about the higher power there, and then you how you had to call upon, you know, a spiritual life. Tell me more about how that kind of gave you that empowered, you gave you energy, whatever it was, the spiritual practices that you did that help to get you through some things because there's there's an inner, there's the outer battle with your health and so on. And there's your inner battle on they're all integrated,

Julie Renee Doering 18:57
I think, my feeling about the divine in I've walked with, well, I was a born again, Christian really early in my life. So I was out in high school, knocking on doors of my friends, converting them to Christ and, and then I matured in my faith and learned even more things about the goodness and the bigness of God. I went through a short period where I had lost my children about three years where I thought maybe God's dead because he's not listening to my prayers, and then felt like no, this is the path I was supposed to be on that everything happens for a reason began to open up. My practices are meditation, and prayer, walking in nature, and making god my partner in everything I do to whether it's a calling in Jesus and Mary, or it's calling in Mother, Father, God, who I view, as the nature of God is both female and male. So I call it Mother, Father God. And and so what I do, I pray and I pray in hopefully the most powerful way, which is not as a beggar, but as a worthy child of God.

Brad Miller 20:11
But it's a glistening, it's ongoing, it's a relationship, it's a relationship, and that that's an awesome way of put it there. jewels and more of you, you mentioned a little bit about how the power of the emotion of love was important to you here in this process. tell a little bit about how you how love came into play, whether it was learning how to love yourself, after some really devastating adversity that you had to go through, or maybe the love of other people who may be entered in your life in some form or another you shared with them. Tell me about the emotional fuel their power of love, and you're in this transformation that you went through that you can now teach others.

Julie Renee Doering 20:47
So there was a, I had a childhood that was full of abuse, and an alcoholic parent and a mentally ill parent, and challenging. And I had an ongoing inner dialogue about people were at fault, you know, family members were at fault for some of my problems. And I, at some point to said, No more, I'm not gonna put any assignment of blame, I got to be I got raised, I got to have you know, body that I love my body. I love how I look. And I love my mind and my spirit. So no more blaming. And that was the first shift for me, of really experiencing more love. Because when you stop assigning blame, when you stop assigning responsibility of anything that's going wrong in your life to anyone, whether it's your ex husband, or, you know, something didn't work out, you know, decide that this is my path, that I am partnered with God, and that I'm getting exactly what I need to move forward. And so, so it was like a door opened for loving and being compassionate. And when I shut that inner dialogue off about somebody wrong, or somebody who's at fault, then I started appreciating what was given to me. My mother's got a beautiful nature, she's an artist. And there are many gifts that I got from my mother. My father loves history, he loves woodworking, and there are many gifts that I got from my father, we did all traveled all over the world or all over the United States. And then I traveled all over the world. So that sense of adventure, I started just being grateful for the pieces that were working. And I think we as humans, we tend to look at like we have 90% of our day went well. But the 10% there was something that really didn't go well we look at that 10%. And when I want to encourage you to find that 10% of extraordinary, and stay with that 10% of extraordinary, or even the little things, just little wonderful things that have happened during your day that you can look out, I'm looking out my window at the center of Lucci mountain ranges. And it's just breathtaking, it's beautiful. And to just stay with the what's going good, and allow like water over a duck's back the stuff that that didn't work out, you know, or didn't go the way I thought it would. But I'm grateful for all i do have

Brad Miller 23:17
when we choose where we focus our energies and our mind. And it seems to me that your part of your journey of healing and wholeness has been your choices to really study and to get into and to help others understand this whole area that you are really involved with about the mind about the brain about memory. It's a person into my own personal life I had, my father died a few years ago with with the effects of Parkinson's disease which were debilitating to him. And that was something that we dealt with in our family. And I think that as a pastor I've been with many people have had various forms of memory loss and Alzheimer's, other things like that. And that's a fear a lot of folks habits, how their body is, is changing. And you talk about ways that people can improve and regenerate their brain and improve their memory, and the protocol. So the protocols and processes that you've learned, you've you've you've done some things about non dietary ways, non drug related way so people can improve things and tells you to have this process you call quantum activation. I just liked you to get into a little bit of what did you learn about this process that you're involved with? Now? What have you learned about this? And what kind of results are you seeing from your studies,

Julie Renee Doering 24:36
we do a process called cellular Neo Genesis. And we start with prayer. And we pray we this is every every faith comes in to our program. So we don't have it's not Christian directed. It's everyone is all inclusive. But we start with prayer, we bring in Mother, Father, God and the angels and beings help us. And then we begin a clearing. And we clear out blocks and obstacles, maybe patterns for dementia, Alzheimer's, memory loss, we clear that. So we do a hand movement, the hand movement, one of the hand movements, the basic one is called the basic quantum pump, we're setting an intention with the mind. And then we're doing this simple hand movement to clear energy. And we've got 12 different hand movements we use. There's two kinds of physics, there's Newtonian physics and quantum physics, our work is using the quantum field. And we think about Newtonian physics is like probably what you might have studied in school is gravity in the apple falling from the tree. And quantum physics in a very simple way, defines us as part of a field of particles vibrating. And what we've learned is that based on how the particles are vibrating, you get a better or a worse result. And so we're just rearranging the way your particles are vibrating in your field to get a better result. And we're matching them up with the divine human blueprint, which is in a perfected state, to get you to a better place. So simply doing a hand movement, we're going through a process of cellular Neo Genesis, the first step is prayer. The second is clearing the first The third step then is it's activating the stem and master cells. And we're bringing them from wherever they are, they might be at a low level, they might be a 10, or 20% function, we're bringing them all the way up to 100%. Then we're using a mirroring technique which uses sunlight of cell. And you might know about marrying, somebody smiled at you, Dr. Brad, and you felt like this, oh, she's smiling me, that feels really nice. And you feel it all, everybody feel a little bit of a flood in your body. That's mirroring actually, so that we just mirror those healthy cells to all the other healthy cells. So they get a big upgrade, whether we're doing the brain or some part of the body. And then the third, or the fourth step is using the mitochondria to little looks like a little caterpillar in the cell. That's a little tiny, wormy looking thing. We tickle, it's a little tummy and get the mitochondria starting on the regeneration, the mitochondria. Is provides fuel for the cell. But it also is the mechanism in the cell that allows it to do rapid regeneration. So we start growing new cells, and we start a cascade of new cell growth, and then followed with meditation. And that's it.

Brad Miller 27:52
Wow. So you have a jewel to sell. Like you have a process with some exercises on each level, the process, you mentioned, the hand movements and some other things that you do and seem like there might be even some sort of elements of NLP perhaps involved or some interconnectivity between the physical and the emotional, the spiritual ethic and the cognitive. It's all all integrated here in your process. And I'm fascinated by that.

Julie Renee Doering 28:19
Yeah, it is, it's a, they said, the whole brain regeneration only takes three hours, we it's a beautiful process. If I'm doing that one to one, it only takes an hour. So but when I take a group through, like we took 230 people through this brain study, we wanted to see well, how does it work when we do a bit group, and each of those participants and had an opportunity each month to report back how their how their brain was improving how brain function was improving, and they meditated every day for six months using my meditation. And we have we found out that there was some pretty amazing results.

Brad Miller 29:00
That's I want to hear about those results here. In just a moment I look through your book, which is very complete and describing your process or jewels i'd came across a to me, which was an interesting terminology. And I just pulled that one thing out of your book here. It's called spiritual parasites. And that is something I've just kind of pitched in learning more about it, what that means to you and how that it's one of the things that that that impacts our, our cognitive and spiritual and emotional health here,

Julie Renee Doering 29:28
okay, well, yeah, we have there's any number of spiritual parasites or or spiritual interferences, those are things like demons and devils and Satan and aliens and things like that, that can attach in and drain our energy. Cause negative, like, demons cause a lot of pain in the body, bone pain, nerve pain, things like that. So we just use this hand movement to clear them out to so we just really done have probably one of the foremost experts on spiritual interferences, I've documented over 200 of them. And we have a technique for clearing every one of them, we don't spend a tremendous amount of time. But if you are wanting to, like totally clean from the inside out every single thing out of you, you know, from this body from birth to now, we have an 18 hour process for that and you are sparkling fresh after you've gone through that process. It's it's a, you know, it's a, it's a good clean out.

Brad Miller 30:35
Here's what I'm interested in learning now for me jewels about, I'd like to hear about some, some stories about some people, you know, give me names, of course, but just give me an example of how you've seen life transformation actually happen. And particularly in some of the people that you've worked with, you've mentioned how your story about transformations happen. But what about others? Have you seen this happen? Especially I really actually the new trade, because a lot of people, you know, it takes a long process of life transformation, days, weeks, years, a lifetime. But you're talking about a relatively short period of time, how you can make a transition, I want to hear about some people,

Julie Renee Doering 31:14
I can think first I want to talk about the brain and then I want to talk about something we will definitely consider miraculous that happens. So we're talking about the brain first. So a fella came to me and we do most of this on the phone because I work in 82 countries now, which means I work out of my home. And they just call me and I'm working remotely with them usually, and a man could no longer speak he had had a very serious stroke and lost his ability to he was wearing a diaper and he couldn't walk and he couldn't speak he would rub. But his helper was talking for him. I did the brain regeneration. 10 days later, he was speaking clearly, he was no longer using a diaper and he was walking. So he wasn't perfect at 10 days. But the brain regeneration was helping him dramatically get back into his life. similar situation a lady I used to live 200 miles from here and a lady like six doors down from me, called me This is really funny because I was up 200 miles away. And here she was my neighbor now. And she had had six stroke. She was a high level executive who traveled professionally, she traveled overseas and that was part of her career. And she got a boy was she was traveling in a foreign country. And then it caused multiple series of strokes. So she lost everything. She lost her brain and her job and her her whole life was gone. And I did the brain regeneration with her. And within a few months, she was bright and sparkly. She sold her house and moved into a fun neighborhood with lots of other people. But things that she wouldn't have been able to do. She couldn't she couldn't really do anything with her brain not working at all. And now she was actually creating the next phase of her life. And then I think about Carolyn Stevens and I mentioned her name because she's there's an interview with me about rather not with me, but about me on it says Julie Renee and Carolyn Stevens on YouTube and she does a 19 minute interview in her experience. She had her colon removed. And she was dying. She came really she was very, very close to death when she came to me. And I was able to clear the infections the doctors had said, you know, make prepare for your end, you're dying. So she was going to the mortuary to set up her funeral. And I did the regeneration on her. And over a period of months. She got better. 18 months after we healed and took out the nine infection. We're killing her I grew back her colon. And that's you know, that's pretty significant. I've grown things back for myself also go back my tonsils and adenoids. I have I wear glasses from 18 to 46. I haven't worn glasses since 46. I'm now 62. Let me

Brad Miller 34:17
be clear what I'm hearing you say Here Jesus, make sure you're saying that through your processors actually. Physical regeneration of Oregon's I just want to know Am I hearing that correctly?

Julie Renee Doering 34:27
You are hearing that correctly? Yes. So with her, she had no colon it was completely surgically removed. Week wrote back, she had the bag removed and has a normal life. She you know, it's a really interesting story. If you want to hear a little more about it, she was a nun. And when she was she was a professor at Dominican college, she met her soulmate, and left the order to marry him. And they had a child and she was in her 40s. And this is beautiful woman of faith. She prayed every day and she got really sick when her daughter was 11. She was in her 50s she used prayer, and I did what I could do to help her and we pulled her first set of death, she was having visions of angels, she was preparing for her death, the doctors had said you're dying. She was having Angel visits. And she stopped seeing angels. She stopped having those ideations that she was dying anymore. And she slowly got better. And she said, I don't feel like I'm going to be really better until this bag is gone. Because I can't be with my husband. And she's very proper lady. But I understood what she was saying she didn't feel beautiful with a bag in front of her which was like, and that was her goal. And so we work together and grew back her colon.

Brad Miller 35:47
And so that's it. That's, that is awesome. That is an awesome story there. And you know, there's so many folks who are stuck in one form or another that's got them there either the mind or soul or relationships or turmoil and and what you're sharing with us and your divine human blueprint and your processes here, which we can find a lot more about you at your website, Julie Renee calm. And we'll put some links to the YouTube video you've mentioned here and some of this as well, I want you to speak right now as we speak to a listener of our of our podcast, who may be having their own devastating adversity in their life. You know, as you mentioned, here, water does some things you might say to that person who just feels like their life is in a ditch right now. What are some practical, pragmatic things that they can do right now, to help begin the process of turning things around?

Julie Renee Doering 36:39
Well, first of all, if you're in a difficult place, believe me, I have been there. And I think the first thing you need to do is just put things in perspective and know that this too shall pass, and that there will be a better day. So I think mindset really helps. Meditation really helps us understand that when we go through big challenges, we came to make big transformation. And so I want to just acknowledge that you are you took on a big project in your life by taking on this challenge. And when you embrace it that way, like what did I come to learn with this challenge? And how can I use this challenge in the future to help others. And I think if you begin to think about I can help others who have had this challenge. Once I get beyond the biggest part of things. I think prayer is really important. Walking in nature is really important. Staying grateful for everything, keeping a clean diet, drinking, clean water, breathing, clean air, all of that really helps. And then really, I don't know, if use meditations, I have a short, short meditations, I have an app, it's called the Q five, it's five minute meditations, if you're not a meditator, those are really good good for people who just want to get in and do a quick meditation and get out meditation and connection with the divine, knowing that you're here for a reason, because we all come for a reason. And we're meant to live a long time. And once you are starting to get back on your feet, and really address the depression, what's going on underneath that would make you feel hopeless, because that the body can regenerate. You have a miraculous system, you came with a miraculous system, it can transform, but it needs your help. It needs your heart and your mind, completely committed. And I also want to say I went through the most difficult period and I tried to have more children and I had lost miscarriages. And I you know if it's if it's your heart's desire at 58, I applied for adoption, and was immediately approved. And I had to adopt my first child it before 16 Adelie came to me when I was 59. And I'm in the process again. And once you you know, so I just want you to know

that life isn't over.

Because you've gotten to a certain age, I know there's, you know, all of these different ideas that I just have to let go of my dreams. But if you have a strong dream of I'm going to live a healthy life and I'm going to fulfill my dreams no matter what. I promise you. Life is going to be wonderful. It's going to have lots of joy and happiness in your future.

Brad Miller 39:33
Yeah, that's awesome way for us to close our conversation in terms of those big challenges can lead to big opportunities. There's never we're never without hope if we just choose to have a life of hope and gratitude and appreciate the good positive nature of your work here. And if people want to find more out more about you, I'm assuming Julie Renee calm is the place to go. Is that what we need to do?

Julie Renee Doering 39:58
We have also I love to direct you to Julie Renee calm the quiet quiet mind. A little gift for you to help you just to center.

So little short meditation to get you started. If you haven't

meditated before,

Brad Miller 40:15
excellent, that'd be a great resource and you have a whole process and courses that you're involved with as well and certainly your book is your divine human blueprint. Our guest today on the pathway to promise we thank you so much. Julie Renee Dorian jewels. Thank you, Jules.

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Dr. Brad Miller back with you on the pathway to promise podcast where it is our mission to help folks overcome adversity to achieve their life of peace, prosperity, and passion and purpose. And part of what we do is we talked to great people who are great leaders who have had transformation in their life and help guide others, and transformation. We've had a number of great authors on our honor podcast. And that is no exception. Today as we have Tony Colson, who is a pastor and a leader, and he is the success coach, author, speaker, he is a works with high performing leaders who are dissatisfied with average, and helps them to unlock their divine DNA, which is the title of his book. And he was, he helps these folks create strategies to empower them, to go to greatness to live a life of greatness, Tony, welcome to pathway to profit.

Tony Colson 1:34
Thank you so much. It's such an honor to be here with you, Brad, and just excited about the conversation today.

Brad Miller 1:39
Awesome, awesome, I man. Well, we've got to know each other a little bit through some of the things we're involved with here. And, and the theme of your book is really an awesome i love the analogy of the DNA, divine of the whole DNA of how our bodies and our, our personalities, and everything else about us is made up. And then that's a great analogy, we'll get into some of that deep dive in here in just a minute. But I have a, I know that you're a person who was motivated to do some writing to do some other things in your life and your work because of some challenges that you've had in your life. And so it is if you Okay, just take a minute Tony to unpack your story of life and mission and ministry and where you arrived where you're at now.

Tony Colson 2:25
Thank you so much. It is a part of my story. This whole concept of unlocking your divine DNA is as it relates to God unlocking my own DNA. And I was radically saved when I was 16 years old and started, just fell in love with Jesus just started telling everybody about him and, and the person who mentored me was this great, man, but he also was very disciplinary and kind of discipleship making. And so I had as a pretty legal mystic view of being all in or all out, you're either 100% right, or 100%. Wrong. And it created for me, this, this bad combination that began to fall apart after a few years of being a Christian. And then also after a few years of being a pastor. And so this, this passion and desire of love for Jesus that wanted to tell everybody grew into this expression of ministry and getting to preach, and then that grew into an opportunity to pastor for as an assistant pastor, and that grew into planting a church. And anyone and I know that you have Brad as well, anyone that's planted a church, anyone that's lead people at any high level, knows that there are many difficulties as it relates to managing conflict and creating systems and trying to develop an organization that's exciting and effective, and you carry with you and you're the sole entrepreneur, if you will, when you're the sole leader, the highest leader, if you will, you carry all that responsibility, it, it really wraps and mingles in together with your identity. And as a young man, I didn't know how to separate that I didn't know how to separate my identity from calling in from work expression. And, and whenever my ministry wasn't successful as I thought it should be, then it completely impacted the way I viewed myself my self identity. And through a process of several years, I married this beautiful woman, lyst Shay, and we're still married now actually going to be celebrating 25 years this year.

Brad Miller 4:49
That's awesome. In and of itself, right there.

Tony Colson 4:52
That's a testimony all and of itself. And so more for her that is for me, but but we we had some very difficult times. And through this through this time of being a pastor of a being a church planter, not performing as a thought I should be able to, I began to unravel on the inside. And I began to, interestingly, I was able to keep most of this is conflict on the inside of me from being noticed on the outside, is it related to the platform that I had, I would be able to go to the stage and perform, if you will, yeah. But off the stage in my home. And with those who are the closest with me, they wouldn't see the struggle that was going on in my life. It's

Brad Miller 5:41
entirely truly deep down and behind the scenes and family life, the things, there was a great turmoil going on

Tony Colson 5:48
very much a great term will remember one occasion, actually, I was balled up in a fetal position in my office, and my wife came in and helped me get myself together so I can go up and go on stage and preach. struggled a felon fear was the proponent that led me into this unraveling. And that fear led to a tormenting life of OCD, Compulsive Disorder. I don't even remember the severity of it as much as my wife does. Because she watched from a, from a posture of a sound mind, my mind was pretty messed up. And so I'm just trying to survive it. She's watching it. She said that one day I took 29 showers.

Brad Miller 6:38

Tony Colson 6:39
okay, not good for the water bill, for sure. And my hands would literally be so dry from all the cleansing, that my hands would crack and bleed. And mine was also a spiritual OCD. So not only did I feel dirty, outwardly felt dirty all the time inwardly. And so I was constantly confessing and constantly trying to make myself pure, and my wife was actually terrified that I was going to confess something because most of this was going on in my mind, it wasn't reality. So were you absolved? Or were you just dissolved into killed that was just making you crazy here is that was going guilt is very much a guilt driven life. And, and so my wife was always terrified that I was going to confess something to somebody that I thought I did. And I and I did do that at times. But thankfully, it was never bad enough. That it would that it ruined me. Yeah. But she was always afraid. Because if it came to my mind, to me, it was real. And so if I had the thought that it was real. And so that's, that's the challenge with obsessive compulsive disorder is it's, it's, there's a hard, there's a hard, it's very difficult to divide the reality of what you're feeling and the reality of what it is. And thankfully, God brought me to a place of freeing me from fear and freeing me from OCD. I was I was on medicine meant for, for my mind. Sure. And God, I don't take any medicines. Now. This these, I can't say that I'm completely 100% never have an issue. But it never it doesn't control my life. It doesn't impact the expression of my life any longer. And so I may feel it, but it doesn't. It doesn't overwhelm it doesn't control me. That's awesome.

Brad Miller 8:40
Yeah. So as this process here, you've been able to overcome this OCD. And you've been able to live a productive life as a as a pastor and as a church planter. And even though you've had some challenges there as Pastor, I'm a pastor as well. And certainly that my share of challenges, you have arrived at a pretty good place now. But tell me a little bit about, you've mentioned a couple things, but you mentioned, you know, being in fetal position, and OCD and so on. And you, you mentioned your wife here, but I'm interested in some of the bold actions that you took kind of consciously, what are some things that you did, I had to break some patterns of what you did before, in order to get you through because a lot of people stay stuck, where you are at my friend, as you know, from your ministry, so tell me what some of the things you did.

Tony Colson 9:29
I think the perplexing thing, as I told you, I was very disciplined.

I'm known to be a disciplined person. So I did what you're supposed to do. I mean, what you learn you're supposed to do, as a Christian, I prayed, I fasted, I confessed my sins, I, I got counseling, I mean, I did everything that I knew to do, and I was still entangled. And, and so there, there were different breaking, breaking through points throughout this journey. And so I, if I was to say anything to anyone, especially people of faith, do what you know, you're supposed to do, okay? You got to you have to invest yourself as it relates to prayer and fasting, don't be afraid. Now, thankfully, God had given me some accountability partners, God given me some people to speak into my life through counseling, and pastors that were safe people. And so they were able to walk with me through this journey. and protect me if you will, through this process. And so, so that's, that's the important thing is, is being trusting of God, number one, God's gonna take care of you. God's gonna, if you if your heart is for freedom, he's going to take care of you. And so he connected me with the right people. And then there was these moments of breakthrough. And each moment of breakthrough would bring me a little bit closer to my freedom. And ultimately, it came down to a point of, first of all, this idea, this revelation of my DNA, because mine is and I believe that happens to so many people, it's wrapped up in your identity, it's the way you view yourself. That says, as a man thinks, so he is. And so as you as you view yourself, it has a direct impact on the way you express behavior and the way you go about life. And mine was intertwined with the way I viewed my my identity who I am. And the enemy actually had used a scripture to trick me on that.

Brad Miller 11:39
That's interesting.

Tony Colson 11:40
Yes, it was in flipping and chapter two, I was actually reading the New International Version at that time in my life. And, and so I was, again, I'm a study or a discipline, I'm praying, I'm seeking the Lord. And, and so part of it was reading and flipping out like the New International Version, there's some areas there that I feel like now that I've grown and I have a better understanding, I realized there's some things that are not as great as it should be translation wise, but in that, in this case, flipping is chapter two is a bad translation. And it's the scripture that, that it talks about having the same attitude, the same mind is Christ. And in this in this passage, it says that Jesus made himself now a better translation. Brad would have been he made himself of no reputation. Okay. Okay. The NIV translation says he made himself nothing. Okay. Well, the enemy took that word nothing, and said, in order for you to be like Jesus, you got to become nothing. Hmm. Well, it eat away at the core of much as

Brad Miller 12:47
a blow to your self esteem, then right?

Unknown Speaker 12:52
Say that again.

Brad Miller 12:54
He was upload your self esteem,

Tony Colson 12:56
oh, everything. I mean, basically, I lost complete trust in who I am, I lost I, I believe that if I committed one sin, well, why would not commit and worsen? And if I couldn't accomplish this, how can I accomplish it totally assaulted my identity, all on a scripture

Brad Miller 13:18
now? Because then, of course, it says it was scripture and brought authority with it for you.

Tony Colson 13:22
Correct? Right. And so and, and again, it goes all the way back, this is all this is the revelation that God brought me. In the book, unlocking your divine DNA, it talks about this strategy that that Satan had with Eve, the serpent had with Eve in the garden, he questioned God's word that was, and he does the same thing today. So yeah.

Brad Miller 13:47
Because what was a bit as you say, what was in IV was a bad translation for you to as a spoken your life, but for someone else, it might speak differently, you know, it'd be helpful to them. And so, but this is it, how you and out various ways are connecting with some of the processes that you need to do. You mentioned accountability partners, you mentioned your wife, you mentioned other things that you did, I don't achieve. Go now for your wife and loving relationships, that emotional part, you know, what you're describing basically, is, you know, kind of a, a mental, emotional, spiritual challenge that you had. And a piece of it had to be the emotional part. Love your relationships, how how, what parts of that play.

Tony Colson 14:36
I think the most profound moment in my struggle was I had came to this place where I was, I had thought I had committed a terrible sin. And I went and confess that to my wife. Now, again, this is all this mental struggle is going on, in my mind if it was a thought it was real. So I confess this horrible thing to my wife, which I didn't do. And she looked at me and what I was expecting from her was Get out of my life. We're done. It's over. She said, Let's go get the kids. And let's go to the well, we have a music card. Dollywood, Dollywood, enjoy our family today. That was her response. And so it was like, at my worst at my lowest place. She loved me because of who I was not because of anything that I did or didn't do.

Brad Miller 15:36
That's an amazing story of grace on your wife's part right there, my friend.

Tony Colson 15:39
She is she demonstrated great, great, great grace, great love, God sighs love. And, and that was I'll never forget that moment. Because it created for me a foundation to fall upon, that wouldn't let me fall apart.

Brad Miller 15:58
That's awesome. That is awesome. And then and now that process here now you'd seems like in kind of a roundabout way, you were able to draw on this on your, on your faith in your spiritual life. Even though there were some convoluted parts of it. That certainly spoke into your life at a at a different in a different way, I think, to help you heal and come to wholeness. say more about your, how your spiritual journey evolved and went in a little different direction. And maybe you thought when you were wrapped up your identity and your kind of your professional spirituality.

Tony Colson 16:34
What they the revelation that set me free was, was just this concept of obeying the truth. It's interesting how God took the enemy took and mess me up theologically. And God took the same he took word, he took his word, and set me free with it. So the enemy took God's word and mess me up. God took his word. And, and so you were asking about bold statements. And this one are bold steps that I had to take to get free. Sure. And this is all a part of this process. And maybe I'll do some work on on OCD, particularly. But it's this concept of not responding to what you feel, but under but obeying what is true. And, uh, somehow with God's grace, I pulled myself to a place and I remember not washing my hands when I wanted to wash my hands.

Brad Miller 17:38
Okay. So that was that that was a breakthrough for us as a breakthrough.

Tony Colson 17:42
So as I began to make the steps of obeying what I knew to be true, not what I felt, it began to empower me to move forward in life and it began to cause me to step into a new place, my mind is sharper now, maybe than it's ever been. But way back to when I was in high school and college, there's no doubt my mind, the clarity of it. My ability remember, it's it's an amazing thing. I used to forget names all the time now almost rarely, rarely ever, do I forget a name. Just my ability to process me It's an exciting time in my life. It's it's, it's as if I've been reborn again. I know, you're not supposed to get reborn again. But I somehow I felt like I got reborn again. And so it's, it's an amazing

Brad Miller 18:33
transformation. Any the process of transformation isn't just an arrival point, you know, we like I like to talk in my process that I use, arriving at your promise life. But that's just the beginning. That's not a, an endpoint, promise, life, peace, prosperity and purpose. And it means that some for some of us, we think, you know, we become a Christian or we get that job or the, you know, whatever it is that we think is the end all be all, then work either way. It's the transformation is be ongoing. And so like some of these new new disciplines, you had to learn some new disciplines, some new ways of doing things that were actually helpful to you. And, and then part of what you're doing now, is you're teaching others the process. So tell me what are some of the principles of your transformation? habits otherwise, what are you doing now that is transferable, that you can teach others that you could speak into their life?

Tony Colson 19:32
One of the things I'm doing right now, Brad is developing a coaching program called my pursuit one at and it's a systemic, a systematic change process to help people walk through their their journey. And it's built on the acronym pursuit. And so first of all, the P in pursuit is to know what you're pursuing. So that's the concept of identifying your vision, identifying the calling that is on your life, being able to get clarity. Secondly, is to understand the now Why are you where you are right now, I had to come to terms with why I was struggling while I was in that place. So understanding your now reset and realign making the commitment to change your mind. And so I go through this whole acronym with with people, I think I can walk them through that, and help them get to a place to where they they see this one at change take place in their life. That's awesome.

Brad Miller 20:40
And so this is it. Do we find some of this in your book as well,

Unknown Speaker 20:44
this will be a second book that will be coming on. Alright. Awesome, awesome. So

Tony Colson 20:48
one of the things that I was, I want to say this may be disappointed, I wouldn't sit down with a pastor, he'd read my book, and he was greatly impacted. Bye. So he called me he lived in maybe an hour, 45 minutes away hour and 40 minutes away. He said, I love to meet with breakfast and just talk to you. And so I went met him in a Cracker Barrel. And we sat down and talked. And he asked me about working these principles into his life. And I'm like, I walked away from that meeting. And I was just like, I didn't have what it took to really get him there. Yeah, I think that's what stirred me up and say, I've got a I've got to create a systematic process. Well, that's what happened. Yeah, you got that,

Brad Miller 21:33
you know, that, that holy appointment there, which now encourages you to have your own breakthrough that go to what's next, to make it into a course or some materials that can be helpful to others. And so what I'm interested in here now is how this life transformation process is impacting others. You mentioned this one gentleman here. How do you think is going to work with people are Have you have, Do you have evidence of this senior church or otherwise, of the principles you're teaching, you know, being helpful in a life transformation process,

Tony Colson 22:09
what I'm going to be doing is creating a cohort together. And so anyone that would want to be a part of that, then what I'm going to be actually offering his personal one on one coaching, like a coaching call once a month, that would be just me and that individual, and then there would be a weekly, weekly group call. And we'll work through these principles with them. The beautiful thing about this process is it's not just about posturing, it's not just about finances, it's really taking what you the area that you want to see, changed the area that you will want to see transformation in. And then I work with you on identifying the systems, the processes, and then hold you accountable to help you implement that into your life. So I think that's the key is, it's not just that my my first book was a lot of Revelation. It's like, it's the, it's the truth. But as you know, unless you really work that truth into your life, it's not going to have a lot of impact on me. And so so the my pursuit one at is the implementation of the truth, awesome. bring about? Well,

Brad Miller 23:23
we'll share some details about that. In our in our show notes. One of the things I like to ask most of my guests, Tony, is what I just call the three definitions and how we define three important parts that I are a part of the pursuit, I believe, to use your acronym pursuit, that I think everyone pursues these three things in one way or another. And the first is peace. How do you define in your life, peace,

Tony Colson 23:54
the concept of wholeness, it's before when I was so bound fear, I was unraveling, I was incomplete. So now I have this sense of wholeness. I'm not, I'm not perfect, but I'm whole, I have access to all the different parts that I'm that makes me a son of God that makes me as a human. And, and so when those parts are all working the way that they should be working, it creates a wholeness, and that wholeness establishes a peace that you walk in. So wholeness, that's awesome.

Brad Miller 24:36
The definition of the second term that I think all of us pursue in some form or another, and that word is prosperity. How do you define in your life prosperity?

Tony Colson 24:47
Well, what I didn't say was about this divine DNA, there's five components to it. Okay. One is God created us to be blessed. God created us to be fruitful, God created us to have dominion, God created us to have healthy relationships. And then lastly, He created us to steward a purpose in life. And so when those five components are work in a person's life, then what I believe is in the Scriptures, it says in Genesis, chapter one, this is the divine DNA revelation is that that is the glory that's supposed to rest on man, you may have heard the scripture for all have sinned and fall short of glory. Sure, I could have preached that as an evangelist and said, For all have sinned and fallen short of going to heaven. I don't believe that's what it means. Now, I believe that it means that the glory that supposed to rest on our lives in the earth was lost because of sin. And Christ came to restore that. And so prosperity, then is allowing God to restore these components, so that there's a glory that rest on your life. It's not, it's not just about having money. It's about operating in such a way to where you're expressing your divine purpose.

Brad Miller 25:57
Yeah. But it's also goes to having a having an abundance, mindset abundance, they get over one of paws of poverty or lack. And that just changes a lot of things around force. We look at that way. Yes, sir. You've already touched a little bit on the third term, I like to ask you to define and that is purpose, what brings your life purpose, what brings people purpose.

Tony Colson 26:21
My purpose is, first of all, to be a vessel that houses the presence of God in the earth. And then that presence is supposed to be released through my life in the domain that he's given me to live in, with the intention of expanding his kingdom in the earth. And so I cannot fulfill that purpose without his presence. And but whenever his presence is operating freely, then there isn't, there isn't an automatic expansion of his kingdom in the earth. So Jesus told his disciples pray like this, let Your kingdom come on Earth, as it is in heaven. So when we're housing, the presence of God in our lives, then wherever he sends us, we are extending his presence in the air. It's awesome.

Brad Miller 27:06
Well, let's as we kind of wind this down for just a minute here, Tony, just one more thing I'd like for you to put yourself in the place of speaking into the life of a of a hypothetical person who was, would be have some of the similar issues that you had not too long ago, you know, not to you were shared how you found yourself in a fetal position, and you found yourself just just overwhelmed by guilt, and by other mental anguish type things that were just, you know, just just hounding you. That happens, a lot of people, you know, it happens to a lot of people. And it may not be a mental anguish thing, it might be relationship deal, divorce, or something like it may be dealing with the death of a loved one, they may be having a diagnosis of cancer, or you know, any number of things they can just put us in the weeds can put us in a fetal position. But I'd like you to think about what you would say what would you encourage what would you say, speak into the life of a person who was just devastated by by adversity?

Tony Colson 28:05
Well, first of all, you're not alone. I believe that's one of the biggest tricks of the enemy is to convince us that we're the only one struggling with it. We're the only one that's going through this, we're the only one that's having these kinds of thoughts. And the reality is, it's not true. You are in good company, in the sense of being a person who is struggling, that's not abnormal. The second thing is this, you're in good company in the sense of God, being aware of where you are, and he is working right now to bring about a good outcome. You may not be able to see him, you may not be able to feel him, you may not understand where you're at. But the promise and the truth is, is that God is already at work in your tomorrow, taking where you are today, and healing where you've been yesterday, and making something beautiful out of it. I like to say it like this that God takes my mess as a little age to it makes a message. So he's used all of these things in my life, and he's created a voice for me. I wouldn't be here today if I wouldn't have went through the the difficulty and the difficult journey of almost at the brink of disaster. suicidal. Remember, being in a place even of getting admitted into the ER was stroke like symptoms, all the cause of stress. And there is hope. There is a way out there is a process of transformation. Ask God to send you safe people maybe on that set person, maybe Brad's that safe person that can lead you into the place of healing and into wholeness and into you expressing what you were created for.

Brad Miller 29:48
It's awesome. Well, a great message for us to hear today. I'll find I love that that treatable. You gave me a message to message I love that. Yes. At that's, that's awesome. Well, thank you for being with us today, Tony. And you've given some really good things to think about it to deal with and you are the author of unlock your divine DNA and he's got another book coming out sometime. And he's working with a program called pursuit one at I commend those to you. As Tony is looking to help people achieve excellence and live a life of greatness. Thanks for being with us today. 20 goals.

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