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PTP.010: “Going Beyond Desperation by Going Deeper” with Author Frank Viola

Helping people go beyond their desperation by seeking a deeper journey in their inner spiritual life is the theme of Episode 010 of the Pathway to Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller.

In Episode 010 Dr. Brad talks with Christian author, blogger, podcaster Frank Viola. Frank Viola is the author of over 25 books including the “Jesus Manifesto,” “From Eternity to Here”, and the upcoming release “Insurgence-Reclaiming the Gospel of The Kingdom”

Dr. Brad and Frank go deep on a number of topics including the hunger and thirst for meaningfulness in life that many people have; where many people asked the question “there must be more?” The conversation that Frank and Brad have about this question of meaninglessness responds by offering various means of which people can go deeper in their search for a meaningfulness in their life.

Viola contends that many people see the spiritual life as supplemental to their everyday life much like many people supplement their everyday life with music or sports. This pattern of being content with superficial spirituality is often supported by the preaching and teaching of many pastors and spiritual leaders from which many people repeat as a comforting form of spirituality which works much of the time. Viola compares this to “taking swimming lessons on dry ground.”

The rub comes when people face crisis moments, moments of desperation, in which superficial spirituality is inadequate. It is in these moments of desperation that Viola tells Brad that people will either turn away from the Lord and spirituality or seek a deeper experience or journey toward the Lord. It is at this point that personal revelation can take place. It is no longer a matter of learning theoretically about the spiritual journey it is experiencing personally the incoming of Christ living in the person as described in Galatians 2:20 “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

Viola shares that his ministry is all about desperate souls who are exhausted and hungry and seek a deeper journey of meaningfulness in their spiritual life.

Viola goes on to describe his own battles with overwhelm, lack of focus and lack of direction and how he took a systematic approach to deal with these challenges and become a prolific producer of content related to the deeper spiritual life. Indeed, Viola has created an online course which outlines in detail his processes and practices on productivity.

Frank tells Brad about how much credence he puts on the incoming of the spiritual power of God in his life to achieve an abundant life. This supersedes “the good life” which many people aspire to based on the acquisition of worldly things and puts primacy on seeking “the abundant life” (John 10:10) which Viola states “blows this soot out of the good life.”

Frank talks to Dr. Brad about the importance of emotional human relationships as the habitat in which the deeper connection to the spiritual realm takes place. The deeper journey cannot be acquired solely on its own; a connection with other people is indispensable. This includes spouses and family members as well as mentors both living and historically through reading and learning about influential people from the past. Moreover, Viola introduces the concept of “vital editable relationships.” An “editable relationship” is deeper than an accountability partner and is a person who can speak into your life to help correction to take place.

Another form of vital relationship building that Viola introduces us to in this podcast is the use of mastermind groups for the kingdom of God. Mastermind groups are relatively common in the entrepreneurial world but much less so in the world of ministry leaders and pastors. Viola has led several ministry mastermind groups and has found these small group experiences are dramatically effective in helping these leaders achieve breakthroughs in their ministry and in their personal lives. He finds there is a certain synergy and crowdsource wisdom in ministry masterminds which helps the participants to identify how they want to be different and how they can solve their present problems to achieve their goals. Viola leads ministry mastermind groups on a regular basis and offers the listener a way to connect with this opportunity at

Dr. Brad Miller and Frank Viola present a myriad of practical tips, strategies, and inspiration for the person desperate to break disparaging patterns in their present life and seek out their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose by going on a deeper journey in their spiritual life. This is an important episode of The Pathway to Promise Podcast which can be used as a great resource for those willing to take the plunge into the deeper life.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast is designed with the understanding that every person has a God-given promise life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and that implementing a planned pathway with the proper guidance can help people to overcome profound life challenges and achieve that promise life.

Dr. Brad Miller teaches on the transforming life and interviews great transformational leaders like Frank Viola weekly onThe Pathway to Promise Podcast.

Dr. Brad Miller, DMin
March 21, 2018

PTP.009: “Making A Bargain…Keeping A Promise” with Carole Sanek

PTP.009: “Making A Bargain…Keeping A Promise” with Carole Sanek

She made a bargain with God and then had to keep her promise and that has made all the difference for Carole Sanek. On Episode 009 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast Dr Brad has a great conversation with Carole Sanek ( An award winning blogger and writer, podcaster and social media consultant Carole faced a major challenge in her life alone when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As a registered nurse she knew the gravity of her situation. Brad talks with Carole about how she dealt the adversity of this terrible disease by seeking medical care, drawing on knowledge from books and teachers, developing new support groups of people and getting spiritual guidance and direction.

Carole came to a point of spiritual introspection where she bargained with God that she would become an advocate for breast cancer patient should she overcome her cancer. The result is that Carole has devoted her life to keeping the promise, of her grand bargain, by working diligently for women’s health issues, particularly focused on breast reconstruction surgery. These efforts have led her to write award-winning blogs in the medical field and write and ghostwrite a number of books. Going even deeper in keeping her promise to her grand bargain Carole is now researching and writing a book on telling the story of the victims of suicide and attempted suicide. This is an important episode of The Pathway to Promise Podcast that you will want to share with people dealing with the challenges of disease and suicide.

The Pathway to Promise Podcast is all about the view that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and you arrive at that place by following a planned path with the proper people as a guide. The Pathway to Promise Podcast, is your antidote to adversity, your guide to finding your personal pathway to your promised life of peace prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller, DMin
March 2018

PTP.008: Finding Your Higher Purpose with Kevin Monroe

In Episode 008 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller talks with Kevin Monroe of the Higher Purpose Podcast. Kevin believes that “you are meant for more” and he is devoted to helping people find and fulfill their higher purpose.

Kevin talks to Brad about his journey from ministry in a church to corporate business to entrepreneurship. Kevin did achieve what he thought was his dream job when he realized the dream wasn’t his dream but the dream of others and he was left empty and unsatisfied. In the process, Kevin had to overcome business failures, depression, and illness.

Kevin shares a life-changing conversation with his lifelong mentor who encouraged him to pray 15 minutes a day. This lead to a turning point for Kevin where he embraced his Christian faith as central to his business. Key to his current success is Kevin’s disciplines of spiritual reading of the bible and keeping four different journals each with a specific purpose.

Kevin decided he wanted to run a less driven and a more led (by Christ) business; the result is that Kevin now runs a successful corporate training, coaching, consulting business.

Kevin approaches life with open-handed and not closed fisted and in that way he has achieved his promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Enjoy Episode 008 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller and Kevin Monroe of the Higher Purpose Podcast.

The world-view of the Pathway to Promise Podcast is that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose which must be implemented by following a planned pathway with the proper people to guide people through profound life challenges to achieve their promised life.

PTP.007: Slingshot Your Way to Health and Fitness with Scott Tester

in Episode #007 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast Dr. Brad Miller has an in-depth conversation with his longtime friend, Scott Tester, Christian businessman and health and fitness expert.

Scott is the owner of Don Tester Ford Lincoln Mercury in Norwalk Ohio and he has an extremely disciplined lifestyle which integrates his faith and fitness in a way that helps him succeed in business, in his relationships, and in life. Indeed, Scott has found his promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

This was not always the case and Brad discusses with Scott the tremendous challenges he faced in his business during the recession of 2008/2009. Scott found that he could not get total satisfaction in his life by selling cars only; he needed something more. He found satisfaction in integrating faith, fitness, and family.

A former competitive bodybuilder and owner of a bodybuilding gym Scott takes health and fitness seriously but prioritizes his faith over fitness. Dr. Brad talks to Scott about how he integrates faith, fitness, and family through his disciplined lifestyle.

Scott goes into some detail about his morning routine which includes arising at 3:50 a.m. and involves Bible reading, devotions, prayer, conversations with his wife, listening to inspirational music and preaching audios and an intense 90-minute workout with accountability partners. He does all of this and is in his business by 7 AM. Hearing about Scott’s morning routine is a worthwhile listen in and of itself in this episode.

Scott introduces Dr.Brad about his “slingshot” approach to integrating faith and fitness. This involves a process that he has created to start a health program slowly and gradually increase tension to a point where great progress in one’s health is achieved in a relatively short period of time (about 90 days). Scott will be a regular contributor to The Pathway to Promise Podcast offering tips and strategies on integrating faith and fitness into your lifestyle in such a way that you will overcome discouragement and slingshot your way to success in your personal health and fitness.

Scott is an encouraging person with a great story to tell where he emphasizes focusing on God over your problems. You will find a practical application for your life, particularly in the area of discipline, by listening to the story of Scott Tester in Episode #007 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller.

The mission of the Pathway to Promise Podcast is to provide a pathway to people facing adversity and problems to overcome them and claim their God-given promise life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

PTP.006: Scott Maderer-“Managing your Time, Talent and Treasure to get Unstuck and Live Out Your Calling”

PTP.006: Scott Maderer-“Managing your Time, Talent and Treasure to get Unstuck and Live Out Your Calling”

In Episode 006 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast, Dr. Brad Miller has an in depth conversation with Scott Maderer of Inspired Stewardship which is his organization with the mission of helping people learn to manage time, talent and treasure to get unstuck and live out your calling.

Brad talks to Scott about his journey which saw him suffer depression, divorce, debt and even the contemplation of suicide.

Scott talks about his turning point which involved listening to the Dave Ramsey radio show and facing his adversities and overcoming them. Scott goes into detail about the disciplines, spiritual practices, accountability and coaching it took for him to overcome his adversity to come to his personal promised life. He goes on to share how making a plan integrated with God’s purposes for your life and then implementing the plan with discipline will change your life for the better.

The story of Scott Maderer from Inspired Stewardship will indeed inspire you to get unstuck and move forward and live out your personal calling.

The calling of The Pathway to Promise Podcast is to help people claim their God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose by following a proven pathway guided by the proper people.

Enjoy Episode 006 a conversation with Scott Maderer on The Pathway to Promise Podcast.