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PTP.019: Dan Miller – “The Power of Investing in Yourself”

ETP. 019: Dan Miller-“The Power of Investing in Yourself”

In episode 019 of the Pathway to Promise podcast Dr. Brad Miller explores the topic of the power of investing in yourself with the author and coach Dan Miller of 48  Dan’s mission is to help people find their true path and calling and to translate that into meaningful purposeful and profitable work.

Dan shares with Dr. Brad’s own life transformation in overcoming the adversity of some bad decisions in his business which led him to find himself in debt to the tune of $430,000.   Dan discovered that the response to his adversity was not in external elements such as more employees and more buildings for his business but his answer was within in rethinking how he could add value to others and creative business from within.

This epiphany led Dan to take bold actions which he teaches his clients now through his books, podcast, and coaching. Dan contends that the power of the “status quo” has to be dealt with if people want to overcome adversity and breakthrough to true success in their life.  He says people have to break the pattern of sameness and get out of their comfort zone. This could be as simple as going to a concert or reading a book apart from their expected pattern of behavior.   Dan says one can break this pattern of sameness by intentionally doing three or four things for the benefit of others without any expectation of compensation.

The power in making these changes comes from a spiritual place for Dan. It is the understanding that integrates scope of things he is a small speck in yet everyone has a chance and opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves when they accept that God has a bigger plan for them. Dan sees faith as the foundation of true change.

One way Dan imparts the faith foundation into his life is by intentionally controlling what goes into his mind emphasizing “pure clean positive input” over this directive negative input.  This means more time on matters of prayer, meditation reading good books and productive life-enhancing conversations over negative inputs such as fretting over news reports. Indeed, Dan shared with Bradley statistic that people who watch three minutes of bad news on television in the morning are 27% more likely to report having a bad day which is unproductive. In short, Dan believes we can’t control what we put into our mind and this is a part of the power of investing in yourself; that is we become what we think about.

Dan believes that healthy vital relationships, particularly with family, are crucial to helping us have fulfillment and success in life. He expands on this by talking about the power of the friendships that we choose and how sometimes we need to put boundaries around unhealthy relationships which can be a detriment to our success journey.

Dan shares with Dr. Brad the power of intentional self-discipline in creating the environment for success. In particular, he talks about his daily and weekly schedule which includes significant blocks of focus uninterrupted time for deep work which is when Dan accomplishes the most. Dan shares that all people have the exact same amount of time is the application of a process and self-discipline to the time we have which makes all the difference in the world.

Dan says he is at peace with his good wife and with a good book. He finds purpose and helping high potential people find meaningful purposeful daily work and he experiences prosperity as understanding that the path to success is recognizing who you really are and that personal wealth comes as a result.

Dan concludes his conversation with Dr. Brad with the thought that no person should be an imposter living someone else’s dream when they can live the life of their dreams by claiming the power of investing in themselves.

There is much to learn from Dan Miller in Episode 019 of the Pathway to Promise podcast with Dr. Brett Miller.

The Pathway to Promise podcasts with Dr. Brad Miller exists to serve people with the message that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and that there is a proven pathway to find your promise life and overcome life’s adversities along the way.  Dr. Brad Miller served in Christian ministry for 35 years blog and podcast on the topic of personal and organizational transformation and holds a doctoral degree in transformational leadership.

Dr. Brad Miller

May 2018

PTP.018: Finding Your Big Why with Pamela Wilson

“I just did not want to have a boring life” so says Pamela Wilson in her interview with Dr. Brad Miller describing the motivations for many of the decisions and adventure she’s taken her life on the Pathway to Promise podcast Episode 018.

Pamela Wilson is the author of “Master Content Marketing” and creator of the “Big Brand System” helping entrepreneurs plan, build, implement and grow their online businesses.

Pamela shares with Dr. Brad one of the initial motivations for her to create her own business was her experience as a single mother and being highly motivated to parent her children the way she wanted to parent them with a very hands-on engaged approach by building a business and she could do it home.

This motivation to create and sustain a business is the “Big Why” that Pamela teaches in her book and system.

Pamela tells Brad how living overseas helped give for an appreciation of different lifestyles and approaches to business and life and be open to new ideas from many sources.  She approaches life with the acceptance that failure is a given but not final.  She looks at every failure as an opportunity to have a learning experience that she can apply in some other area of life moving forward.  A part of the resources she draws upon to succeed in her life are being open to mentorship and encouragement from others and relying on a deep well of spiritual peace within her which she describes as a calming deep lake.

Pamela developed a systematic way to create compelling and effective content in the online business world. However, she discovered that many people she worked with were befuddled by the very process that she had mastered. She tells Dr. Brad that the problem of overwhelm is a serious block too many people wanting to build an online business. She created the Plan and Go Big process as an antithesis to overwhelm by helping business people master process through manageable stages.

She condenses the process into four stages: planning, building, implementation and growing.  She shares with Dr. Brad how the process works; helping people through the critical transition from one stage to another in particular.  Pamela sees her purpose as being a knowledgeable guide who has walked the path of business building and can help others master the process of planning, building, implementing and growing a successful business.

Episode 018 of the Pathway to Promise podcast is great for folks looking to define and refine their own personal process to succeed in a step-by-step manner.

The purpose of the Pathway to Promise podcast is to help people succeed by affirming that every person has a God-given promised life of peace prosperity and purpose that they can achieve when they follow a path with an experienced guide. The Pathway to Promise podcast exists to help people got be guided through the wilderness of adversity in life to achieve success and is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller.

Dr. Brad Miller

May 2018

Pamela Wilson

PTP.017:”The Free Time Formula” with Jeff Sanders

In Episode 017 of the Pathway to Promise podcast, Dr. Brad Miller talks with author Jeff Sanders about gaining margin in your life to overcome adversity and achieve your goals.  Jeff unpacks the message and the core values from his book The Free Time Formula: Finding Happiness, Focus, and Productivity No Matter How Busy You Are.”

Jeff tells Dr. Brad how his ambitious schedule got the best of him and he ended up landing in the hospital with a medical emergency which got his attention. Jeff realized his life was just too busy and he needed to find a way to give himself from some wiggle room or margin so he could deal with the stressful situation at hand and move forward in a more healthy, productive manner.

Jeff goes on to share with Dr. Brad how he worked out a process of under booking his calendar which was his intentional way of prioritizing what really matters most in his life and letting go of the rest. This included an understanding and acceptance that some things just don’t get done and that’s okay.

Some of the ways Jeff took control of scheduling his life included prioritizing his health and his morning routine which includes meditation and quiet time in order to set the course for a productive day. This involves building new habits to replace old habits which are often filled with what Jeff calls “nonsense” activities which are things that don’t have to happen but were happening any by force of habit. One example of this is watching too much TV just because it’s there. Among other things, this means accepting that boredom is okay.

Jeff concludes that belief in the power of your goals is the starting point for intentionally taking control of your calendar and creating white space or margin in your life. When you have the big yes of keeping your highest priorities that makes say no to lower priorities a natural and productive thing to do.

Episode 017 of the Pathway to Promise podcast is chock-full of practical applications you can implement in your life to gain more time, enhance your productivity and reclaim your day and your promised life.

The mission of the Pathway to Promise podcast is helping people overcome adversity to achieve their God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

The Pathway to Promise podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller who has spent 35 years in pastoral ministry and holds a doctoral degree in transformational leadership. To find out more about Pathway to Promise go to

May 2018

Dr. Brad Miller


PTP.016: Kate Erickson “Making Space to Create the Life You Always Wanted”

In episode 016 of the Pathway to Promise podcast  Dr. Brad Miller talks with Kate Erickson implementer of awesome ideas at “Entrepreneur on Fire,”  a very successful podcasting marketing and training company.

On a path to becoming a college professor, Kate made a shift to become an entrepreneur working with John Lee Dumas at where she develops systems and processes to support the vision of the company to inspire, train and provide resources for the entrepreneurial community, particularly those involved in the medium of podcasting.

Kate talks to Dr. Brad about creating a mindset for success which overcomes adversity and self-doubt which challenged her self-confidence.    She goes into some detail about how she moved outside her personal comfort zone to create space in her life which gives her the wherewithal to create the life she always wanted.  She now shares her knowledge with others with a number of products through and her own podcast “Kates Take”

Kate mentions working with mentors and influencers to guide her along her pathway to entrepreneurship.   None of these more important than the advice her own father gave her to “trust her gut” when he came to taking the bold action of leaving her corporate career and embarking on her entrepreneurial adventure.

Kate also tells Dr. read about the importance of journaling, meditation, yoga  and quiet times  unplugged from technology to help her re-energize, reorganize and gain margin every day as an important discipline necessary to fuel her business success. She goes on to detail such discipline practices as working in 25 minutes focused time to work sessions as an integral component to tremendous productivity.

Kate states that her purpose in life is helping others understand that they have a choice to make in their life to create the margin that they need to live the life that they always dreamed.

Episode 016 of the Pathway to Promise podcast with Kate Erickson will give you practical insight and inspiration for the person who feels a longing for in a calling to breaking away from a life of mediocrity to living there best life right now.

The purpose of the Pathway to Promise podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is to provide inspiration, training and a guide helping people to overcome adversity in their life and claim their promised life of peace, prosperity and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller

May 2018

Entrepreneur on Fire

Kate’s Take

PTP.015: Gina Johnson “Every Day is a Second Chance”

What do you do in the bottom drops out of your life? Gina Johnson had that happen to her and talks to Dr. Brad Miller about what she did to get through a dark period of her life on Episode 015 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast.

Gina was cruising along in life with a good job a nice home and being an athlete she was training to run a marathon. That’s when the bottom dropped out of her life.

One day while on a training run for an upcoming marathon she was brought to her knees by a crushing migraine headache which sent her to the hospital.

It was quickly discovered that she (at age 34) had had a massive heart attack which completely debilitated her for months. This was quickly followed by a divorce from her husband which led to alienation from family and friends. To add insult to injury she lost her job as well.

Gina found herself a suddenly single mother of two small children her marathon running days devastated by a disease with no job and seemingly alone in the world.

What Gina did do overcome the terrible circumstances she found herself in and pull out of very dark time in her life drove the conversation that she had with Dr. Brad.

Gina chose to face her adversity proactively taking the approach that “every day is a second chance” In this episode Gina shares with Dr Brad the complete transformation that took her from a dark place where she could of given up to living out her promised life where she now coaches others in overcoming devastating health circumstances and publishes a successful podcast “Every Day Is a Second Chance” where she interviews people who have had near-death experiences.

Starting the podcast was one bold action that Gina took begin her life transformation. She goes into detail with Dr. Brad about the people and the actions vital to helping her overcome her circumstances. Gina shares with Dr. Brad that the most important action she took was going to church for a coworkers children’s Christmas play. It was there that she began the process of discovering that a life of Christian faith and accepting Jesus Christ as her savior was the key to helping her find her promised life.

The word community is vital for Gina in overcoming adversity to find her promised life. She built a new community of relationships to support her in her transformation and credits the faith community in developing her life of faith.

Gina now is building her own online community where she is called to encourage people going through dark times in their lives and is writing a book telling the story of people overcoming adversity and discovering for themselves that every day is a second chance.

This is a compelling story of a woman overcoming the adversity of a devastating heart attack to discover her promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller holds a doctoral degree in transformational leadership and has 35 years of pastoral experience. He believes that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and that you need a proven path with the proper people to guide you there. The Pathway to Promise Podcast exists to guide people through adversity to find their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller
April 2018